My Business Card

…My Business Card for Your Review…

Deborah Williams

“aka”  Cell Phone Lady

“aka”  Angel Phones

My Business???

I show people how they can get free cell phone service and earn additional monthly income in the process.

Personal Info….

….fulfilling and active family life….a lover of chocolate with nuts, RV traveling, action movies and romance novels….hippie woman at heart who loves animals, art, gardening, going green and alternative lifestyles….hobbies include photography, writing, and vegetarian cooking….odd things that I do would include list making and survival kit updating….I believe in love, UFO’s, ghosts and the pursuit of happiness….my smarter half says that I am sometimes naive and wear rose-colored glasses more than I should, but I’ve lived long enough, traveled far enough and experienced more than enough to know the truth about lottery jackpots, sure-fire winners and underdogs……..I’m extremely irritated by abuse of people, animals and the planet perpetuated in any manner; someone calling another “stupid” and lost opportunities….speaking of which, as a special gift, you are invited to view the greatest opportunity that I have ever had the privilege to share ———————————————————->

Favorite  saying….

“Nothing is impossible!”

Network Marketing Experience….

I have tried several different companies who had products that I personally used and enjoyed, but never really got very far creating a downline with any of them until I signed up with Solavei.  The company Solavei, is the only mobile services company that offers a compensation plan – EVER!  With no competition, no conflict with other NM projects and unlimited income from people doing what they naturally do already (talk on the cell phone), it was a no brainer!

Thoughts for success….

  1. Believe in what you are doing.
  2. Be a product of your product.
  3. Be consistent with your IPAs.
  4. Give everyone the opportunity to say “YES!”
  5. Listen to the advice of seasoned and successful people.
  6. Never give up!!!

Thank you for visiting.  I look forward to working with you soon. 

Carpe Diem!

           Deborah Williams

cell phone boy


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